Anna's Obama Fund-raiser Disappoints, But Her Speeches Never Will

During last week's Fashion Week fun, Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker hosted a fund-raiser for Barack Obama called "Runway to Change." Media started buzzing weeks in advance that the Obama camp misspelled Anna Wintour's name on the invitation and there would be Obama-inspired apparel and tote bags by designers like Narciso Rodriguez and Diane Von Furstenberg. But no media were invited to the event — not that we missed much. Blogger Shannon Nelson was pretty disappointed by the whole thing. But it wasn't a total wash: She smuggled in a Flip camera and recorded part of Anna Wintour's speech! Yes, you can hear The Bob speak. Click and be mesmerized by the sound of raw power.

Runway to Change: Grassroots Effort or Total Flop? [Pierce Mattie Public Relations New York & Los Angeles]
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