Anna Wintour Hams it Up on Letterman

Shockingly, many Americans still believe Anna Wintour to be somewhat scary despite her coyly witty banter on David Letterman last night (and she's going to a Macy's in Queens, people!)  However, keeping realistic expectations, we were kind of charmed.

Looking willowy, Anna Wintour took on the hot seat on Letterman and faced comparisons to the devil with a few carefully placed smiles.  Hey, any woman who can go on national television - mind you, she's an editor - and poke fun at her own reputation of being an ice queen alien, commands respect.  Wintour was on to promote The September Issue, the new film documenting the behind-the-scenes development of the September 2007 issue of Vogue, it's not like a five-minute stint on late-night television transparently claiming her life was actually one of bake sales and office share circles would have helped the profitability of the film, or her image. 

If anything, this interview was revelatory in much more fascinating ways: the impeccably subtle eye-roll at the mention of The Devil Wears Prada (a silent "haven't-heard-that-one-before" done masterfully) and a playful dig on Dave's socks?  Lucky Letterman - if we sit down with Anna WIntour one day, and all she has to criticize is our socks, we'll be happy. 

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