Angelina Jolie's Stylist's Dresses Stolen

Someone stole three boxes filled with dresses from celebrity stylist Jennifer Rade last Thursday, and one insider is reporting that the dresses were for Rade's biggest star client, Angelina Jolie.

While Rade makes periodic red carpet commentary and has appeared on more than a few TV shows, she's most well-known for dressing Ms. Jolie for a couple of years now, most famously in that $26 vintage black dress she wore to the premiere of A Mighty Heart.

Rade was apparently amassing piles of fancy designer dresses to show Angelina, who'll need a slew of new duds once she starts promoting her upcoming film, Salt. Granted, Salt doesn't hit theaters until next summer, so this would put Rade way ahead of the game in terms of fittings, but hey, maybe Hollywood's mysterious like that. We're just hoping that the designers represented among the boxes of pilfered fashion (which were no doubt borrowed) are understanding.

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