The 5 Best Things Andrew W.K. Said at Monday Night’s Show

JT Tarpley

Party commander Andrew W.K. celebrated the 10th anniversary of I Get Wet at Webster Hall Monday night, saluting 10 years of living in the red with blood, sweat and other bodily fluids.

Flanked by four (!) guitarists, a bassist, drummer and backup singer (most of his bandmates are veterans of various Florida death metal bands and the back-up singer is his wife Cherie Lily), W.K. carefully navigated the 30 or so stagediving fans crowding the stage at any given time. Many of them were dedicated W.K. doppelgangers copying his signature all-white style and long hair look. 

Of course, Andrew W.K. is not known just for his "Dialed to 11" stacks of guitar, keyboards and oomph. As a game show host, motivational speaker and club owner, he is never at a loss for words, and many of the best moments came from the between-song banter. While the world waits for the first edition of "The Collected Wisdom of Andrew W.K.," here are the five best things he said last night:

1. "This is a special song for everyone here. I live 28 blocks from here, and I'm so pleased. I can tell you that everything good that happened for Andrew W.K. happened because I moved to New York City, the greatest city in the world." He then played "I Love New York City" and everyone went nuts.

2. "It looks like someone took 'Party 'Til You Puke' literally and puked down my leg!" He then went on to describe the various foodstuffs on his leg; we'll spare you.

3. "Can I play a new song? When it gets to the breakdown, will you bang your small head? I mean, your head is small compared to the rest of the universe. I want to see everyone out there banging your small head. And all of you in the balconies, don't think we can't see you up there! I want you to bang your head also. Will you bang your head for me? This song is called 'Head Bang.'"

4. "When was the last time you ate a burrito?" The crowd paused for a second before various people answered. "Well, how was it? Meat, cheese, beans, sauce, onions…that sounds amazing!"

5. After getting hugged by a fan named Stacy, Andrew turned her and asked, "Could you please tell everyone what you just told me?" She then told him that she had been waiting five years to see him, and she loved him. "Did you hear that? She's been waiting five years to see me. I want us all to say 'Stacy, we love you.'" He had the crowd chant that several times, and then turned to her and said "Stacy, this next song is dedicated to you. This is 'She Is Beautiful.'" 

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