Andrew Bird Flies to New York

Many are the virtues of Andrew Bird. He's a great singer, a great songwriter and he's not half-bad at scoring films, as seen by his work for for the indie "Norman."

But first and foremost, the man is almost certainly the greatest whistler alive today. It really is something you have to see live, but the man's ability to turn a whistle in to a lead melodic instrument is incredible. He's, like, the Hendrix of whistling, for serious.

And hey what do you know, you'll get a chance to check his whistle out, as well as songs from his upcoming album Break It Yourself, out March 6 on Mom + Pop, when he plays Beacon Theatre on May 4 and May 5 next year.

Tickets are onsale at his website and every purchase will come with a download code for Break as well as a download of Fake Conversations, a live EP of songs from his fall 2011 tour, and also a second live EP from the upcoming 2012 tour. See, we told you he was virtuous.

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