Ana Ortiz Has Joined the Brooklyn Heights Stroller Brigade

When Ugly Betty moved production from L.A. to New York, star Ana Ortiz set up housekeeping in Brooklyn Heights. With the birth of her daughter Paloma in June, she and her husband Noah Lebenzon have fully assimilated and are now card-carrying members of the Brooklyn stroller brigade.

“I’m so obnoxious. I’m one of those people,” she told us at In Style’s party celebrating Maria Sharapova and Frank Gehry’s Tiffany collaboration. “I was just saying that to my husband the other night. We were walking with the stroller, and I was like, 'we’re THAT couple.'”

Rolling her eyes, Ortiz added that not only do they have a stroller, but they have a little dog, too. At least the dog, named Fideo (Spanish for “Noodle”), is a rescue and not a purebred.

Now that Ugly Betty has resumed shooting season four, Ortiz dished on Betty’s rumored makeover. “Someone is going to take a tweezer to those brows, and I think her hair’s going to change up a little bit,” Ortiz told us. “It’s definitely time for her to sort of grow up a little bit.” The changes are happening gradually, she says, and it will be later in the season when Betty’s braces come off, a move that has fans divided. “People are freaking out. There’s a huge sort of battle, half the people are like, get them off! And other people are like, no! It’s Betty!” Ortiz said, laughing. “She’s always going to be Betty, but yeah, the braces are gone, the brows are being trimmed, and she’s going to get a little bit more of a swoop.”

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