A “Drive-In” Theater for Bicyclists

Yessika Sanchez

Something about the scent of summer seems to make people crave outdoor Americana traditions -- roller-skating, visiting old-school ice cream shops, and watching movies at drive-in theaters.

Drive-ins, of course, aren't so practical around here -- but put a modern twist on it, and you've got yourself a chic little bike-in.

The Forking Tasty club -- a self-described "monthly dinema supper club" -- is launching a free monthly outdoor movie screening in which attendees are expected to roll in on their bicycles.

"With so many of us riding these days, we thought a Ride-In Theater would be a great way to enjoy the beginning of warmth here in NYC," the website says.

The location, day and time are kept secret until the day before the show. Then the information is blasted over e-mail.

"A few things you can expect: lots of bikers, an old school hit movie and some delicious snacks," the site adds. "It wouldn't be Forking Tasty if we didn't provide some delectable morsels to munch on."

The first bike-in is scheduled to take place this Saturday, at 8 p.m.

To learn more and to sign up to get information on the Bike-In Theater, click here.

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