An Insider's Guide to the Hamptons

Sam Talbot, executive chef of cool kids' Montauk hangout Surf Lodge, opened sustainable seafood restaurant Imperial No. 9 in the Mondrian Hotel three months ago, so he's been stuck in Manhattan making it work. "Mondrian's still a baby, still evolving," says Talbot. "Surf Lodge is a well-oiled machine in its fourth year. Our purveyors are lined up, our fishermen are dialed in." Now that summer's upon us, he'll drive out to his spot in Montauk on a more regular basis.

"I have a tiny, little cottage on a big, beautiful property, where my dog, Hank, just goes and goes and goes and goes." When he's not hiding out from Manhattan transplants ("I see enough of those people"), the author of The Sweet Life, is nose-riding, spear fishing, drinking with local fishermen, and buying other people's trash.

"I go out with a buddy of mine who is a great fisherman. We go looking for tuna, striped bass. I'm not going to tell you where, though," he says. "As far as shopping, there's this little antique shop on Tuthill Road, and I go there all the time. I don't even know the name of it. Tauk, one of my favorite shops, just closed, and I'm so bummed. You know what else closed? Waterside Takeout. I used to go there all the time."

To find out where he'll be going this season, flip through the slideshow above. [The Feast]

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