An Art Fair for Baristas

It seems there are some slightly boho subcultures that Starbucks has not yet crushed beneath its corporate boot heels. That's about to change. Oh, you up-and-coming New York artist-types, did you really think you could sip your Oslo coffee and hide out after a rough night at the Bushwick Country Club drinking Pickle Backs (a shot of Old Crow Bourbon with McClure's Pickle Brine Chaser)?

The coffee chain is sponsoring events in New York and DC called, get this, Starbucks Avante-Grande. (Do you see what they did there?) It's a chance for the employees of Starbucks to show that they paint better than they make coffee. The visual and spoken word show featuring the artwork of coffee slingers from around the city (the company calls them partners) comes to the Metropolitan Pavilion on W. 18th street Friday November 21. The $20 ticket does go to a good cause, though. All of the proceeds of the New York show go to Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

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