Amy Winehouse: Fashion Designer?

Okay, things Amy Winehouse does well: Sing her face off and get into trouble.

Things Amy Winehouse does not to well: Dress.

Thusly it's something of a mystery to us why Fred Perry would be in negotiations with the British singer to design her own line, as she apparently leaked to The Sun recently. Well, maybe not leaked: Gushed. According to their sources: "She was almost childishly excited and couldn't stop talking about it."

And for good reason, we'd guess: Girlfriend hasn't had a good thing go her way since she hooked up with Mark Ronson. Arrests, scandal--the girl's had some troubles. But, we guess, all that said, she does have a distinctive style, and in fashion that often just amounts to plain ol' style. Even Roberto Cavalli apparently called her "a fashion icon because she is unique." The beehive thing, the tattoos—we get it, it's pretty cool. (Even though we can also totally see Coco Chanel rolling over in her grave after Karl Lagerfeld styled his Metiers d'Art collection for Chanel around her piles-of-hair-and-eyeliner aesthetic. Plus, it should be said: We also saw her and the Dap Kings at the Highline in 2007 when she came out in a skintight animal-print dress, teetering in heels, only to swap her outfit for a tank and jeans because it was too uncomfortable. Hmmm ... Anyway, we'll see how this all shakes out—after all, it's not official yet, folks!

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