Amon Tobin to Present Multimedia Experience in Brooklyn

Official Press Photo

On the heels of debuting his wildly entertaining audio/visual experience titled ISAM at Mutek in Montreal earlier this summer, electronic music artist Amon Tobin is taking the art-installation-turned-live-concert on the road to a number of select cities across the globe. Thankfully, New York is one of those stops.

The mind bending installation is described in a release as "projection mapping, generative/audio reactive real time and pre-rendered elements and custom software." The live show features a shape-shifting 3D art installation covered in projections that move and flow with the music of Tobin’s latest album that is also titled ISAM.
If all that tech talk means as little to you as it does to me, just take a minute to watch the trailer below and realize this isn’t your normal electronic show with a couple of people behind the wheels of steel. This is a show that will assault your senses and leave you questioning what you just witnessed.

ISAM the record is already out in stores, while you will have to wait until Oct. 25 for ISAM the tour to pull into the Brooklyn Masonic Temple. Tickets are currently available for $27.50 over at Ticketfly.

Don’t think too harp too long on this decision. Follow Hunter S. Thompson’s sage advice; “Buy the ticket. Take the Ride.”

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