American Apparel Lets You Decide

It seems that American Apparel is nothing if not democratic. The store realizes it foists its own aesthetic on unsuspecting passersby daily, forcing them to stare at whatever combination of half-dressed gangly pre-pubescent girl/ neon-clad androgynous guy/ Dov Charney-conquest/ old director dressed as a rabbi/ porn star it sees fit.

Well, the people are not going to take it anymore. Or at least in Harlem they won't have to. The brand's Harlem storefront — which features an AA-typical photograph painted onto the white brick facade — will now be put to a vote and customized (and early Racked commenters demand more booty). But even choice is relative. Most of the options still seem to be a flexible model in some state of undress. But at least the store will soon feature the bent-over gal in a leotard that that people chose.

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