American Apparel Ads Go the Full Monty

In a move that should not surprise anyone anywhere, the latest (NSFW) ads from American Apparel feature a model wearing little to nothing at all. There wasn't that far to go now, was there?

The new Flash ads feature adult film actresses Charlotte Stokely (star of such screen gems as "Glazed & Confused") and Sasha Grey appearing wearing only, say, a pair of tube socks or zipping and unzipping a hooded vest. Previously Ms. Stokely (well, more specifically her rear) had graced an AA billboard at Houston and Allen that caused a stir for her I'm-searching-for-my-lost-contact-in-nothing-but-nylons pose. The new online nudie ads are only featured on three blogs at the moment: The Reverse Cowgirl, debauchette, and Last Night's Party. It's an easy path to a bunch of low cost publicity (you clicked, didn't you?), but it might not have thigh-high yellow socks flying off the shelves.

All this is tame by AA CEO Dov Charney's standards, as anyone who's walked by the window displays of the Houston Street flagship — which usually feature mannequins in various states of undress that look like they were "provocatively" posed by a horny 14-year-old boy — could attest.

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