AMC Announces Weiner-less Mad Men

At a dinner on Wednesday night, AMC president Charlie Collier reiterated his network's previously announced plans to bring back Mad Men for a third season this summer, meaning, come July, viewers will once again be reunited with Don Draper, Peggy Olson, and Sterling Cooper's audience-beloved photocopier, the Xerox 914.

There is also bad news: Despite a months-long negotiation process, Lionsgate has still not signed a deal with series creator Matthew Weiner, meaning he's apparently not retreated from his reported $10 million asking price, and the studio's not backed off on its unwillingness to pay it. How about this, Lionsgate: We'll let you hit us in the face with a pickax at My Bloody Valentine 3-D next weekend if you'll share some of the gross with Weiner.

AMC panel: 'Breaking Bad' & 'Mad Men' [Live Feed/HR via Defamer]

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