Ally Hilfiger: New Clothing Line Is “Made For All Women”

Reality star-turned-designer Ally Hilfiger doesn't design her clothes with A-list celebs in mind. In fact, she's thinking of just the opposite.

“Any girl who wants to wear our clothes, I support," said Hilfiger, who designs shirt-inspired dresses. "I’m very grateful to them, to even consider putting an item on that we design. They’re made for all women.”

Daughter to Tommy, it’s no wonder Hilfiger has a flair for fashion. But she didn’t create her new line, NAHM, alone.

She collaborated with Nary Manivong, the subject of the recent documentary "Dressed."

“I met Nary and we clicked," Hilfiger said. "I went to see his shows [and] then he hired me to style his fall 2010 and spring 2011 [shows]. We worked so well together that we said, ‘Let’s team up.’”

Papa Hilfiger has been super supportive.

“He’s wonderful," she said. "If I have any questions or concerns, I call him.

“He was a young designer. Before he had Tommy Hilfiger, he had many other companies.”

The daughter Hilfiger appears in "Dressed."

“It brought me to tears," she said. "It’s incredibly inspiring.”

Hilfiger and Manivong come from radically different backgrounds. While Hilfiger grew up the daughter of a succesful designer, Manivong grew up homeless in Ohio.

“I am blown away by not only how Nary dealt with what happened to him," she said, "but also the way in which David [Swajeski] edited the film, put it together and created this magical story.”

At Fashion Week, Hilfiger expects to stick to her father's show.

“Honestly, that’s all," she said. "I support my father. My family.”

Hilfiger was on hand Wednesday night at the Dressed pre-opening party and shopping event held at the Chelsea Housing Works. Other notable names in attendance included Manivong, producer/director David Swajeski, executive producer Maryanne Grisz, the Dean of Fashion at Parsons Simon Collins, photographer Patrick McMullan and Mickey Boardman, deputy editorial director of Paper and host for the evening.

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