Ally Hilfiger & Nary Manivong: “They Were Meant to Work Together”

Nary Manivong, whose journey from homeless child to fashion designer is chronicled in the documentary "Dressed," has a new partner: Ally Hilfiger, daughter of famed fashion designer Tommy.

"Those two were meant to work together," said David Swajeski, director/producer of "Dressed," at a screening of the film Wednesday night at SoHo House.

The new clothing line is called NAHM, a combination of the duo's initials.

“It’s a wonderful collaboration,” said "Dressed" executive producer Maryanne Grisz. “They have a creative synergy that’s amazing. I think that they’re doing really incredible stuff.”

The documentary follows Manivong’s pursuit of recognition within the fashion world.

“[Nary] has a pure spirit and determination. He draws the right people to him,” Swajeski said.

So, how’d Manivong meet up with Hilfiger?

"They met by chance through a mutual friend," Grisz said. "She styled two collections of his and they became friends.

"I can see why they connected. They have sincerity. Integrity. I think there’s a very mutual respect.”

Swajeski's film explores the 180-degree transition for Nary, from struggle to success.

“We wanted to do a film about an average everyday person who had a dream," Swajeski said. "We didn’t know where it was going to go. It’s a documentary; you just follow and you hope. We think the outcome’s really cool.”

As for what’s ahead?

"We’re filming still," Swajeski said. "We’re filming right up to [Nary’s] first show with Ally. We’re following it.”

New footage will be posted at

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