Alexander Wang After-Party … In a Gas Station

True story: Alexander Wang's after-party was held in a Mobile gas station in Chelsea. Revelers partied everywhere from inside the station (among stockpiles of classic junk food) to a gated-off area around the pumps. Oh, and did we mention Courtney Love performed?

That's right, the queen of '90s wrecked-glam herself got up on stage to belt out a few tunes in classic Love fashion -- periodically yelling at the crowd and lighting a cigarette. As if that wasn't enough, when she was finished, Santigold got up and sang, too! (Indie favorite Lykke Li was also at the party, but stayed on the sidelines).

The whole madcap affair had us wondering: Considering more folks seem to care about this than, oh, Madonna, and at this rate it feels like Wang could get anyone he wanted for his after-party, is Alexander Wang the new Marc Jacobs?

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