Shoppers Bash Loeffler Randall Sale

Loeffler Randall may have surprised us yesterday morning with their friends and family sale preview, but plenty of Racked readers were there bright and early to get first dibs on boots and flats. Thankfully, the line seems to have dwindled since this morning, but the atmosphere inside is no less frenzied.

A Racked spy: "They didn't ask my name at the door, I was simply told to check in my bags, and enjoy the afternoon. People were busy trying on items but there were still plenty of dresses, shoes and some great purses to go around."

Commenters seem less than thrilled at the offerings, with one remarking: "Sandals start just under $200, anything with a heel (or covered in something more substantial than a few straps of leather) were in the mid-to-high $200s, boots around $300. Clothing was also absurdly high - $200 for a Loeffler Randall dress? At a sample sale?!? In this economy, you can find NICE leather sandals for half the price, and not have to deal with waiting in line. The only upside? It's extremely well-organized."

Another dissatisfied customer: "I didn't think anything was worth buying at those prices; there's definitely better prices during Shopbop/Revolve Clothing/Neiman Marcus sales. A word to those who plan to go on Saturday: I heard one of the staffers at the sale say that they're hoping all the merch goes soon so that they won't have to be open on Saturday. So go earlier rather than depending on this being around Saturday." Well, there you have it.

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