Above the Fray: Men: If you're looking for a…

Men: If you're looking for a $400 tuxedo, the Hugo Boss sale that began this morning is the place to go. If you're not in the market for formal wear, it's still worth a visit. Says a tipster: "Suits and tuxedos were $400. Jeans are $80, belts $60, scarves $60, shirts $60 or three for $160. The shirts all kind of look like Banana Republic or J.Crew, but the suits are special: Good sizes, good patterns, nothing too wacky, not just Hugo but also Boss. I had to stop myself. The crowd was a healthy size. There were lots of people there, but it was comfortable—I didn't have to fight anyone." There's also a small selection of clothing for women, but this one is really for the boys. [RackedWire; Dealfeed]For more stories from Racked, go to racked.com.

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