Above the Fray: Hayden-Harnett Has It in the Bag

[Images via Hayden-Harnett]

While the majority of New Yorkers were medicating their hangovers, enterprising blogger Fashion Binge was busy digging up $100 bags at the Hayden-Harnett sample sale currently taking place on Bleeker and Broadway. Her adventures made us supremely jealous:

New York fans of the Brooklyn-based makers of luscious leather and cool canvas handbags need to get their asses to 45 Bleecker Street (the basement of Edge Noho) ahora! This sale (also online, but more 'spensive) is well worth your time and elbow power. They've got scads of bags for some good-to-great prices. There are clothes, wallets, and accessories, too, but who needs a studded keychain when there are all these gorgeous leather bags?

FB is obviously a highly experienced sample sale shopper, which is why she knew to dig through the boxes under the tables. But while not all of us will be able to leave with a $600 purse bought for one-sixth the retail price, everyone ought to be able to find some pretty good discounts.

Some of the bags are slightly damaged, but most of the damage isn't that noticeable, and they have some interesting bags that were never produced, in case you are looking for loud, multicolor stripey bags (Tamar). Also, they're offering 10 percent off to anyone who pays cash. In short: You can totally score.

Go now, before the rest of the city stops staring at the front page of the Times and sniffling and returns to its bargain-hunting ways. · The Hayden-Harnett Sample Sale: Is Awesome! [Fashion Binge] · Hayden-Harnett [Dealfeed]For more stories from Racked, go to racked.com.

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