Finally, Word From the Louboutin Sale

One intrepid Glamour editor has finally returned to her perch in the Conde Nast building to blog about her experience inside the editors'-only Christian Louboutin sale that began today. She reports that fashion folk had to wait up to two hours to enter, as shoppers were only being admitted into the space in groups of 5. (The sale is on both tomorrow and Wednesday from 9 to 5pm, but you must get your name on the list to enter.)

As for the pricing, she writes: "There's a table for items under $100 (mostly bags and little leather goods), and the shoes are $100, $150, $250 (most of the good ones you'll want are $250), $350, and for most of the boots and booties, $400. There's still a very decent supply left but I overheard someone who worked there saying that the stock won't be refreshed each get cracking, girls!" That means start emailing everyone you know, asking them if they were invited.

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