Fantastic Plastic at the Melissa Sale

Even if you don't wind up buying anything at the Melissa sale, on through Sunday in West Chelsea, it's still a pleasant place to spend time. For one thing, as a commenter noted, the showroom is lovely, with a bank of windows on one long wall overlooking West Chelsea. For another, everyone working there is extremely nice and knowledgeable, and they don't mind if you stomp around in a pair of four-inch plastic wedges for half an hour while you decide whether or not they fit.

Pricing runs from $25 for certain flats to $120 for the Vivienne Westwood "Lady Dragon" heart heels, although it mostly stayed in the $35-$45 range. We found more variety than we'd expected, including one very cute pair of pointy heels with ankle straps for only $25. The sale is indeed running low on certain styles, though—including the Alexandre Herchkovitch spectators—so don't wait till the weekend to stop by.

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