Above The Fray: Cynthia Steffe Cheap But Not Thrilling

Meat Puppets Connie Bolger (6)
Connie Bolger

On paper, the Cynthia Steffe sale going on until 5pm today at 550 Seventh Avenue sounds great. They've got a lot of stock, and everything is priced under $50. In person, though, we found the sale a bit lacking. There was plenty of spring and fall merchandise—all sorts of jackets, coats, skirts, pants, dresses, sweaters and tops—and the most expensive thing were the coats, at $50 (pants, skirts and tops are $15; sweaters are $20; dresses are $25; and jackets are $35). But the clothing is very safe and basic, to the point of being boring, and a lot of it was trendy a year, two or three ago. Of course, for someone building an office-friendly wardrobe where safe and boring is paramount, this sale is probably a goldmine.
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