Above The Fray: Chloé Sale Promises Free Pants

In all the excitement of yesterday's H&M launch, we didn't focus enough attention on the Chloé sale taking place at the Flathotel at 135 W 52nd Street through Saturday. Luckily, a commenter picks up our slack:

They will be restocking most likely, so said the doorman, who saw them bring 40 boxes in today "with more in the back". I went at 2:30pm today with a only 5 person line inside. I was there for an hour and they continued to bring out bags including a couple of good black leather Kerala totes for $400-$500. If you hover around there they restock with 8-10 bags every 30 min or so. There are some really pretty clothes - dresses jackets and tops - for 60-85% off. Plus they give you a free pair of pants for every 3 items you purchase.

A reader also sent in some photos of the discounted bags and footwear available, which you can salivate over in the gallery.
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