A Very Barneys Christmas: Packing Up!

Nothing says Christmastime in New York like department store holiday windows—the fanciful works of art and creative whim, always months and months in the making. This year, the team behind Barneys amazing displays has allowed Racked photographer Daniel Krieger to go behind the scenes, capturing their work in a four-part photo essay. We're excited, you're excited; let's get to the images. Below is part two: the pack up.

Part 2, 11/05/2008: Last week came the not-so-fun part of the Barneys holiday display building: the breaking down and packing up of all the various display elements. The window dressers work out of a studio on the far west side, and they need to carefully transport the Hippy Holiday pieces from that studio to the store at 660 Madison Avenue and 61st. That means a lot of bubble-wrapping and boxing. There are only a few days between the unboxing at Barneys and the full reveal, so we're sure the last thing the Barneys team wants is for the big wooden guitar or ribbon-bedecked tambourines they've assembled to get dinged up or crushed en route to the store.

Check back on Friday for Part 3 of A Very Barneys Christmas, "The Set Up"
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