A Greenpoint Terminal Market Movie Studio?

We did a double take when the tip arrived that someone is trying to market the former Greenpoint Terminal Market space as a "studio faciity." Yet, here it is. Landlord Joshua Guttman's property, which went up in a spectacular conflagration that legend has it was started by a local drunk who got too excited trying to steal copper pipes and wires, can be a film studio. Features include: "Manhattan Skyline, Small or huge studios, 5 acres of land facing Manhattan, Offices, parking, Lighting Available, Water access, 40 ft ceiling, build to suit." Also it's "the largest studio facility available in the area. Approximately 1 Million s.f, 6 blocks of indoor and outdoor space available on the Greenpoint water front." Serious fire insurance extra, natch. The interesting thing (beyond the fact that this is Vulcan's land) is that Steiner Studios is to the south in the Brookyn Navy Yard and that Silvercup Studios is to the North in Long Island City and the Astoria studios. No word, either on whether this means that Mr. Guttman's skyscraper city dream has been smoked.
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