Now Delivering $9.95 Lunches in Little Italy

After closing its decade-old Smith Street location, French standby Patois has made an unlikely move to ... the Little Italy strip??

The bistro has found a handsome home in what used to be the back room of Grotta Azzurra. Playing yesterday during a mid-afternoon spot check: Coltrane's "Giant Steps."

There are old standards on the menu (mussels, coq au vin, macaroni and cheese), hard liquor at the bar, and the really good news: The place's brunch favorite, the duck-confit hash, is now on the lunch menu, priced at $9.95 just like all the other afternoon offerings (and available for delivery). Seriously, folks, this dish is a steal. Here's what else is for lunch and dinner.

Lunch -- All items $9.95
Eggs Benedict with mixed greens & home fries

Moules frites -- mussels with white beans, tomatoes, garlic, butter, and white wine served with pomme frites

Omelette Arnold Bennett -- with smoked trout and sauce bechamel

Salmon Nicoise salad with olives, tomatoes, red onion, green beans, and hard-boiled eggs

Charcuterie of house pate, terrine, and merguez

Skillet French toast with NY maple syrup

Duck confit hash with poached eggs and sauce Hollandaise

Patois burger with French fries (add blue, cheddar, or Gruyere cheese for $2)

Gruyere macaroni and cheese with mixed organic greens

Potato pancake with chive scrambled eggs and smoked salmon

Wild mushroom and herbed goat cheese omelette with greens and home fries

Croque Monsieur or Madame (with two eggs -- add $1)

Duck-confit club sandwich with red-onion marmalade

Grilled hanger steak sandwich with house-made onion rings and Patois steak sauce

Oysters of the day -- P/A
Truffled mushrooms over grilled brioche - $9
Leek and goat cheese terrine with sage vinaigrette - $8
Garlic snails with puff pastry, spinach, and chives - $9
Charcuterie of house pate terrine, and marguez - $9
Roasted beet salad and organic greens and blue-cheese dressing - $8
Mussels with tomatoes, white beans, butter, garlic, and white wine - $10
Salad of organic greens - $7 (with goat cheese and herbs, $8.50)

Coq au vin blanc - $18
House smoked trout with ratatouille tartlet -- la nage - $18
Seared scallops with a sweat pea and bacon risotto & corn bisque - $22
"State frites" grilled 14-ounce rib eye with au poivre sauce - $26
Pan-roasted cod with browned mussel butter and saffron leek ragout - $21
Grilled double-cut pork chop with roasted shallots, yams and duck demi-glace $19
Grilled hanger steak with garlic pomme puree & Colbert butter - $19
Ten-ounce Patois burger with pomme frites - $12 (add Cheddar, Gruyere or blue cheese $2)
Long Island duck breast au jus with sunchoke gratin - $24

Bacon - $2.50
Pommes frites - $4
Onion rings - $4
Small side salad - $3
Toast - $1.50

Just for Kids
Mac n Cheese - $6

Prix Fixe - $19.95 per person
Beet Salad

Choice of Chicken, Trout, Hanger

Patois, 177 Mulberry St., nr. Broome St.; 212-925-8157

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