A Von Furstenberg Affair at Tanner Hall Premiere

It was a Von Furstenberg affair last night outside of Chelsea's Clear View Cinemas, with mama Diane proudly snapping photos as her daughter Tatiana walked the red carpet to the premiere of her indie flick Tanner Hall.

Set in a fictitious, all-girls New England boarding school, the film is based on Tatiana's own high school experiences and co-written and co-directed by longtime friend Francesca Gregorini, whom she met while attending Brown University.

"Tatiana and I have been best friends for over 20 years -- we really live in each other's pockets," Gregorini said, looking comfortable while posing for fiendish photographers in a pair of stovepipe jeans and desert boots. "So working together was very easy because that's how we've navigated life for the last two decades."

Back in their University days, the two globetrotting pals would regale each other with tales from their London boarding school days, which finally lead to the film.

Concerning the hijinks of four high school friends (including a steamy and totally inappropriate affair between Rooney Mara and Tom Everett Scott's characters), Tanner Hall is a classic, lovingly-told a coming-of-age tale, one that brought the two screenwriters even closer together (much to their friends’ amusement).

“We were called 'writers on bed rest' by our friends,” said Gregorini, giggling. “Tatiana has this big, huge king-size bed that has like two headboards and it’s in a corner, and we just basically lived in that bed and just hashed out the script.”

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