A Quickie With Surfer Blood's Thomas Fekete

The four young men who make up Surfer Blood have been climbing the ranks of the indie rock world since the release of their 2010 debut Astro Coast. The West Palm Beach, Fla. band recently wrapped up a tour with Trail of Dead and returned to the studio for a follow-up LP. This week Surfer Blood returns to New York for two shows as part of the Northside Festival in Brooklyn. On June 17 they will play the Kanine Records showcase at the Knitting Factory a day before playing McCarren Park with Guided By Voices and Wavves. Nonstop Sound caught up with guitarist Thomas Fekete to discuss their upcoming releases and all things New York.

What is your favorite part of returning to New York for shows? New York is one of those cities we always look forward to on tour. It's pretty much the opposite of what we are used to in West Palm Beach. Knowing there are things to do 24 hours a day is comforting for us.

You've played a number of NYC venues over the last couple years. What has been your most memorable experience? Webster Hall with The Drums was huge for us. Our first CMJ experience was ridiculous. We played 12 or 13 shows. We didn't even know what a proper soundcheck was at that point. Last CMJ we had people crowd surfing at Bowery Ballroom, which was a first for us in New York. Shows in the city are always very special to us.

It’s 4:00am and last call has come and gone, what’s next? Are there any speakeasies, late night eats or after party spots you frequent on your trips to New York? There is a magical little diner called Garden Grill right by the Kanine house. We generally zombie over there after last call.

Last September you guys signed to Warner Brothers Records and a transaction like that would hopefully require some wining and dining. If the label takes you out in New York and money is no object, is there a restaurant you would push for? What dish do you crave the most? Sbarro

Speaking of labels, Surfer Blood started on Brooklyn's Kanine Records. How was your experience with Lio and Kay? It was positive.

How has the experience with the majors differ from the mom and pop organization at Kanine? I've found that record labels are record labels. It still feels like a record label.

What is the latest on the upcoming EP? Have you started writing and recording for the follow up to Astro Coast? The EP is called "Tarot Classics," the entire experience was a nightmare and we are glad it's over. That being said, we love the songs, and we are stoked for the release, which should be in September. We are already tracking/writing our second full length, which is going great.

Back to NYC, good or bad, have you ever had what you would describe as a quintessential New York moment? Running into Larry David while carrying gear through Manhattan.

NYC has all sorts of tourist attractions Central Park, the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty to name a few. What's the most touristy thing you've done lately? We were recently in San Francisco standing on top of Twin Peaks staring at Alcatraz from a distance. I'd say that’s the most touristy thing we have ever done. We should probably visit Central Park at some point.

Finish this sentence: New York City is the sweetest place on earth because… It's the only place in the world you can go ice skating. Also it's closer to Baltimore, Philly, and Canada.

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