New IV Medical Center Offers ‘Boutique' Treatment

Botox clinics and cosmetic surgery centers are no longer the only types of boutique medicine available to New Yorkers.

A brand new IV treatment center has opened in Manhattan for what may be the first of it's kind here.

"It's very comfortable," said Bernadette Saco who described going to the center as a trip to the spa. Saco receives infusions for treatment of kidney cancer every two weeks.

Patients like Saco who rely on intravenous therapies to treat serious illness frequently end up at large impersonal hospitals with long waits in crowded emergency rooms.

The waiting room looks more like a living room with lots of warm wood and carpet and soft lighting.

"We offer evening and weekend hours," said Dr. David Wolf, the internist, hematologist and founder.

Busy New Yorkers may not want to take time out of their business day or have their boss or colleagues know they are leaving work for medical reasons may find the flexible schedule appealing.

"We do many IV therapies here for both acute cases and chronic conditions," said Dr. Wolf,"blood transfusions, hydration, arthritis therapies."

"I feel less sick when I come here," said a patient named Carol who goes weekly for immunoglobulin infusions to treat her immune deficiency.

"I wanted to try something that was more patient-friendly, said Dr. Wolf. Patients can't just walk in from the street.

Physician referrals are required.

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