A New iPhone App Helps You Jump The Shake Shack Line

Burger fanatics and Shake Shack devotees face the regular predicament of oppressively long lines at their favorite fat bomb destination. But now, turns out, there's an app for that.

Last week, developer Brian Papa quietly released Shakedown to the Apple Store—the app is powered by FourSquare, allowing Shackheads to check in while waiting on line, report on the number of people ahead of them, find "friends" in the queue to jump ahead with, and discover the custard flavor of the day.

As Choire Sicha of the Awl observes, "This is so extraordinarily niche and wonderful and silly that I can hardly stand it," and he's right in his assessment that only a handful of people will ever find the program useful. But as our smartphones start to get more alien-computer-advanced on us, New Yorkers should expect to see a lot more restaurant-specific apps like these. Consider this a gateway--soon, we'll be seeing the likes of "Momofuk'ed", "LucaliPad", and "Skip the Bres-line." Or perhaps that's just in our dreams.

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