A Brewery Grows in Brooklyn

On February 14—which happens to be Michael Bloomberg's birthday—the Mayor will unveil the major urban expansion of Williamsburg's Brooklyn Brewery. (Interestingly enough, Mayor Rudy Giuliani cut the ribbon for the original 'burg brewery on his birthday back in 1996.)

In addition to an extra 16,000 square feet, there's shiny, more efficient equipment from Germany, and new jobs—all of which should double the beer output in two years.

Co-founder and president Steve Hindy always wanted production to stay local but had trouble leasing space from condo-hungry landlords before the economy crashed. In this clip, he gives The Feast a tour of the new digs in advance of the official debut on Monday at 10 a.m., and explains his deep connection to the borough. Check back next week for a second tour with brewmaster Garrett Oliver. [The Feast]

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