‘Lurve' Mag Wants Your Love

While much fashion magazine talk this spring has so far been dedicated to Conde Nast’s newly launched publication Love, a similarly named rag is looking to steal spotlight. Meet Lurve, a brand-new independent tome that proclaims itself as “ahead of trends and with more depth, yet visually striking. Miles away from the usual fashion glossy, the bimonthly magazine puts the emphasis on emerging designers and artists, new talents and creators of our future.”

The magazine’s name, which is borrowed from the iconic scene in Annie Hall where Woody Allen tells Diane Keaton, “love is too weak a word for what I feel—I lurve you, you know ...” seems to be taking a direct swipe at Love (although the editors told Stylebubble that they came up with the title long before Katie Grand’s new glossy launched). Among the first issue’s contributors: Terence Koh, Francine Spiegel, Meryl Smith, and Chadwick Tyler. From the few images the rag has released (it will be printed on recycled paper in limited-edition runs of 500 copies), it looks like it just might prove worth its $20 cover price.

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