“America's Next Top Model” Returning for 13th Season?

Watch out, world -- Tyra's got a sign!

It's the gift that keeps on giving: "America's Next Top Model" is this close to being renewed for a whopping 13th season.

(We refuse to call it cycle this time because that terminology, like Tyra Banks, never quite made sense to us.)

The 11th season of Top Model wrapped up two weeks ago, with 4.8 million viewers tuning in for the season finale, making it the highest-ranked show in that 8 p.m. hour among adults ages 18 to 34.

We find Tyra's ability to make so much hay of the same show for an astounding thirteen seasons pretty special. Somehow she manages to top herself each time around, whether it be by making models wear raw-steak bikinis, introducing the Glaminator 11.0, dressing up as a slightly crazed, extremely foofy fairy for no apparent reason, or casting a transgender contestant.

What will she think of next? And more important, what social prejudice will she conquer all her own?

CW close to renewing "Top Model" [Reuters]

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