9/4: Coney Island Rockabilly Fest

…means 100 music and sideshow acts on the beach, plus “The Big Lebowski” at midnight and more

Sarah Pixley

SNAKE EYES: One storied venue, four nights, and 100 psychobilly, burlesque and sideshow acts from the world over make up The 2009 Coney Island Rockabilly Festival, hosted by Cockabilly Records. When you’re not taking in the retro sounds of bands like the Memphis Morticians, you’ll gawk at sideshow acts like Maiiah Serpent Dancer (pictured) or Jelly the Clown, who does that thing with the staple-gun from "The Wrestler" (seriously). September 4-7, at Cha Cha’s at the Boardwalk and the outdoor stage, see full schedule.

HANKIE ALERT: Nightly through September 7, the Metropolitan Opera screens classics out-of-doors in hi-def on Lincoln Plaza. Tonight: Franco Zeffirelli’s production of “La Bohème,” Puccini’s weepy tale of ill-fated love, stars Angela Gheorghiu and Ramón Vargas. 8PM.

NICE PINS: Mix up some White Russians, take a disco nap, and prepare to brush up on modern philosophy at the IFC’s midnight screening of the Coen brothers’ cult landmark “The Big Lebowski.” Lesson No. 1: The Dude abides. 12AM.

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