9/14: Whiskey & Cheese, “Joy of Cooking” Burlesque…

…and Tony Blair + Katie Couric @ 92Y

LIKELY BEDFELLOWS: You like whiskey. You like cheese. You like when fancy food and drink experts tantalize you with the word “pairing.” Get yourself to Cobble Hill’s Char No. 4, as reps from Bklyn Larder and Heaven Hill Distilleries (from Kentucky, y’all), do the honors, with five twofers for the palate. 7 and 9PM.

AUTHOR, AUTHOR: One thing you can be sure of when Katie Couric interviews former Brit PM Tony Blair at the 92nd Street Y tonight, a tie-in with his new memoir A Journey: My Political Life: If Couric asks Blair what newspapers he reads, he’ll probably be able to name at one. Maybe even two. 8PM. 

MEDIUM HEAT: We’re not sure what exactly to expect from Inbred Hybrid Collective’s evening of burlesque inspired by The Joy of Cooking, a bestseller since 1936, but 1) we bet Julia Child would disapprove, and 2) it probably involves aspic. Recipe for Disaster: A Book Club Burlesque is at the Parkside Lounge at 8PM. 

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