8/6: Bangers & Bitter at August's British Beer Fest

Plus, live comedy inspired by ‘Star Trek’ (no, really, it’s good!) and students from the NY School of Burlesque show off their, ah, skill sets

CHIPS AHOY: Coinciding with the Great British Beer Festival across the pond, cozy Bleecker Street restaurant August is serving a festive Brit-inspired dinner menu through August 9: Fish ’n chips, bangers and mash with pickled onion gravy, lamb and shoulder pie with mushy peas all make you long for a damp moor and an itchy sweater. Wash it all down with rare-in-NYC English brews like RCH Pitchford Bitter and Dorothy Goodbody's Our Glass. Opens at 5:30PM; we recommend reserving.

BONING UP: The New York School of Burlesque is no joke, people: students must apply themselves to the art of the bump-and-grind, master tassel craft, and perfect tricky moves like deploying a huge feather fan while simultaneously unzipping the next sequined layer. Tonight, a new crop of graduates proves their tuition wasn’t wasted at the NY School of Burlesque Master Class Student Showcase at Sideshows by the Seashore. 9PM.

ENTERPRISING: Start Trekkin’ is a local comedy troupe that performs live shows based – entirely – on the original ‘Star Trek’ series, amber-pyjama outfits and all. (No ‘Next Generation’ here; these guys are Shatner/Nimoy all the way). The best compliment we can pay them is that Start Trekkin’ is thoroughly entertaining even if you’ve never seen (or have seen, but can’t stand) the iconic show. Presented as part of The Tank’s Geek Week, 7:30PM.

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