8/21-22: Chromeo, BBQ Blowout…

…and ice cream on a rooftop with the Van Leeuwens

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SUPERSTAR: The Pool Parties at East River State Park welcome what’ll probably be their biggest show of the summer: P-Thugg and Dave 1—a.k.a. Montrealler electrofunk duo Chromeo—who describe themselves as “the only successful Arab/Jew partnership since the dawn of human culture.” Get ready to make like a dancing fool in broad daylight. As always, the show is free. Sunday, 2PM. 

MEATUP: We’re not thrilled about this whole summer-ending thing, but we figure 10 or 20 pounds of BBQ will help ease the pain. Chow down on the Southeast Asian/southern smoke pit fusion from Williamsburg’s Fatty ’Cue, and then do some digestive rounds on the dance floor, to sounds from the DJ outfit Punches (Finger on the Pulse’s Darin and Greg Bresnitz with Alan Astor), all at the neighborhood’s Good Company bar, the whole thing sponsored by NY Magazine. The BBQ Blowout is on Saturday, 6PM. 

I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM: Bali ain’t just for Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem: It’s where the Van Leeuwens-- arguably the rockstars of the NYC ice cream scene (what? there’s a scene)—cooked before landing in our fair city with their butter-yellow fleet. Join them at Greenpoint’s Eagle Street Rooftop Farm (the a 6000-square-foot urban  farming project that is itself worth the trip) as they discuss making global food out of local produce, all while serving up tastings of their creamy treats. Grow it, Cook it with the Van Leeuwens, Sunday, 2PM. 

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