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You know how sex clubs have all those theme rooms you can duck into to satisfy whatever your particular needs are? Well you told a lot of people you did, and now you can tell them that apparently, bars opened in former sex clubs do too: 675 Bar, opening Friday.

Thrillist - 675 Bar

A complete overhaul of the Level V space -- which apparently was a sex club in the 70s (who knew? Besides Ed Koch?) -- 675 slaps up touches of blue-collar casual (bowling alley bench seats, vintage wallpaper, shag rugs) throughout a sprawling, subterranean barroom which is augmented with five unique hobbit holes for drinking. Spread along a main corridor, two of the rooms are mostly-exposed (the Boardroom w/ wood panel walls & conference table; the Arcade w/ Ms. Pacman), while three are largely cloistered: the Parlor (earth-toned wallpaper, poker table, flat screen), the Wardrobe (foosball table, flatscreen, crazy art), and the Library, armed with a sofa and a bookshelf organized by cover color -- sit and spin, Dewey Decimal. Amazingly, there's no bottle service, but there are solid draughts (Hopf Helles Weisse, Duvel, St. Peter's Porter), global vino from the world's youngest female master sommelier, and crazily named $9 cocktails like the Rubik's Cubicle (zwack and berries), the Algerian Typist (Mezcal and Harissa), and the Mr. Rufus -- a gin and absinthe concoction named for the main bar's life-size porcelain horse, which stands in the corner with a lampshade protruding from its head -- because the world needs a new Spuds McKenzie. 675's hosting private parties all this week, but opens to all comers Friday -- and of course you already said you were going to that sex club, but maybe you can squeeze this in.

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