5/18: Janelle Monáe, All-New “Metropolis”…

…and Jennifer Belle’s new, timely novel

NEW SOUL: Janelle Monáe’s album “The ArchAndroid” drops today, and if you can unglue yourself from replaying her video for “Tightrope” on YouTube, you should go check her out, as the snappy, bouffanted singer is about to get huge.  (If you miss her, you’ll get another chance: She opens for Erykah Badu on May 25). Highline Ballroom, 8PM.

MONEY MATTERS: Jennifer Belle, author of the acclaimed “High Maintenance,” returns with “The Seven-Year Bitch” (Penguin), but don’t let the punny title fool you: This tale of a wife and mom who loses her job and spirals down as she tries to understand herself outside of her financial worth isn’t just acerbic and true, it’s timely. She brings her book to Barnes & Noble Tribeca for a read/sign at 7PM. 

FUTURE SHOCK: The biggest thing to hit the film world these days is nearly a hundred years old: It’s Fritz Lang’s epic 1927 German expressionist sci-fi parable “Metropolis,” due to the recent finding and addition of 25 extra minutes of never-before-seen footage, including entire new scenes. Don’t miss it: It’s at Film Forum; showtimes vary.

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