4/13: “Dinner With the Band” Party, David Byrne…

…plus The Secret Science Club tackles the science of food

SHOE IN: If anyone can make the phrase “my concept album about former First Lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos” sound like a totally viable musical endeavor, it’s David Byrne and Fatboy Slim, whose collaboration “Here Lies Love” (Nonesuch) is just that. Byrne will be at the MoMA Design and Bookstore signing copies of the special edition, which includes a 114-page (!) clothbound book and DVD. 5PM.

PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD: Ramping up to season premieres of the IFC shows “Food Party” and “Dinner With the Band,” Santos Party House rocks a night of good food and good tunes hosted by Andrew W.K., FP’s Thu Tran and DWTB’s Sam Mason. The music bill includes a live set from Gators! and spinning by the ladies of Au Revoir Simone. 7PM.

TASTING TABLE… OF ELEMENTS:  The Secret Science Club is hungry! Chef Will Goldfarb and Kent Kirshenbaum, chem prof at NYU, break delicious things you love to eat (e.g. pork tacos) into intellectually fascinating but generally none-too-tasty sounding chemical elements (e.g. carbon and nitrogen). Bell House, 8PM.

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