25 Gifts for the Urban Athlete

From shag-carpeted skateboards to durable bikes, we bring you the 25 best gifts to get your urban athlete this Holiday season.

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Combining the feel of a road bike with the durability of a mountain bike, Cannondale’s jet-black CAADX TIAGRA is perfect for navigating pothole-pocked city streets. $1,179.
Give your indoor climbing addict some Spidey senses with Five Ten’s grippy Galileo Climbing Shoe. $135
Snapchat/Dani Mathers
Lululemon's form-fitting Wunder Under Crop is as suited for her yoga class as they are for the rest of her day. $68
Julie Fine
Indulge their inner mountain man by replacing their messenger bag with this waxed, Fjallraven Vintage 20 L rucksack. Trust us, the morning commute never felt so rugged. $175
British cycling apparel maker Rapha injects some much needed style into the neon-plagued sport with their elegant Cross Jersey. $210
When the snow flies, shredders can skip the mountains and tackle their town’s rails instead with Burton's hero Board. $450
Allow your triathlete to get under his hood with the BC-350 Ironman Body Composition Monitor, which breaks down fitness essentials like percentage of body fat and muscle mass. $270
The perfect companion for any run, the streamlined new Nano now features an iPadesque interface, while a lighter weight means it will pump joggers up without slowing them down. target=_blank>$200
Cancel their gym membership and splurge on the Torque Fitness F7 Fold Away Strength Trainer, which might get them huge but saves you space by folding up to just 40 inches x 40 inches. $TBD
They might look a little motocross, but Tour Lionheart’s padded Pro Roller Hockey Pants will keep road rash to a minimum. $52
Goldcoast's Heavy Pile Longboard's shag carpet-topped board means no flip flops required. $175
The W Ultimate Compression socks speed up muscle recovery, but we just like Lululemon’s vintage gym class look. $24
Kick your lazy loved ones off the couch with the Couch to 5K app, which puts the motivational training program directly in runners’ ears. $2.99
New Balance’s classy 1400 kicks get two new looks with this Jcrew collaboration. Hopefully they’ll offset the short running shorts he’s still sportin’. $130
Are they kvetching about their return game? One read of Open , Andre Agassi’s unflinching account of his life on the court, will lighten them up. $19
Don’t tell her she needs to work out in order to look sexy. Tell her she looks sexy when she works out with the Flirty Girl Stipper Pole. $260
The LandRolle Mojo's large angled wheels keep things fast, the way Rollerblading, ahem, inline skating, was meant to be experienced. $200
The only thing tighter than Speedo’s trunks is their waterproof AquaBeat MP3 Player, a device that’s sure to take the monotony out of swimming laps. $86
Noah Bullard, NBC 5 News
Riders swap their rear wheel for The Lemond Revolution wind trainer and – voila!—a bike transforms into the perfect stationary come winter. $499
Chris Carmichael may have spent years perfecting pupil Lance Armstrong’s peddling, but he’ll keep everyman riders fit and fast with The Time-Crunched Cyclist. $15
Big leaguers swear its Aqua-Titanium coating and rubberized core keep them balanced, meaning it should boost your slugger’s swing-‘n-a-miss batting average. $22
Nike Run synchs training to music, delivering everything from workout-based feedback to user-selected “Power Songs” for that last mile home. $29
The Garmin Edge 305 takes cycling computers to the next level by GPS mapping massive rides and even pushing the pace by pitting bikers against virtual competitors. $350
David Beckham wannabees will leave opponents winded in their wake with Adidas' 5.8 ounce F50 Adizero TRX FG cleats. $200
2XU Men’s Super Elite Endurance Tri Suite molds to his body and each stage of the race. $219
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