2,473 Calories of Popcorn

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Amid all the hoopla surrounding the opening of the all-new, all-shiny, all-gourmet Yankee Stadium (Shake Shack! Drew Nieporent! Lobster rolls!), we missed one very key point. Or, rather, foodstuff. The popcorn. But not just any popcorn: the Souvenir Bucket. Here's what they have to say about it at Yahoo! Sports:

It is unfair to call it a tub of popcorn, as they do at the new Yankee Stadium. Perhaps a trough of popcorn, or a tank of popcorn, and, at 2,473 calories, definitely a gutbuster of popcorn.

Yep, that's 2,473 calories of popcorn, and it costs $12. When you consider that 2,500 calories is about the recommended caloric intake for an adult male of average stature and moderate activity, it seems like a total bargain -- $12 and you're set for the day! Also, somehow, the 2473-calorie popcorn bucket seems kind of reasonable when you slide it up next to the 1,341-calorie cup of cheese fries. Is there any other place in the city where the newish mandatory calorie posting is as much of a joke as it is at the new Yankee Stadium?

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