23-Year-Old Snags ‘Ultimate Bachelor Pad' at FiDi's W Hotel

Well, not just any 23-year-old. He happens to own the building, as Matthew Moinian was happy to point out to the police on September 11th, when his chauffeured Mercedes pulled up outside his West Street sales office while the road was closed off for the presidential candidates. So begins the young Moinian's coming-out party in this week's Observer, and if there's one thing we know about the Moinians, it's that they love a good party. But overseeing the development of the Gwathmey Siegel-designed, SHVO-marketed 58-story W New York Downtown condo-hotel on Washington Street takes more than just wrapping an arm around Ashanti, so how is the young Moinian dealing? "I wouldn't be here if I couldn’t handle it." True, though Pops owning half of Lower Manhattan probably doesn't hurt his cause.

On selecting a restaurant operator for the hotel: "It can't just be a restaurateur that everyone else likes; it has to be one that I like.”

On keeping the entire 56th floor for himself: "It's going to be the ultimate bachelor pad." Ladies...

On market turmoil: "While we are in close proximity to the Financial District, we are not necessarily dependent on that market from the hotel side. Lately, the New York financial industry has shown an amazing resiliency and I have no doubt that the present situation will be corrected in time."

On his college job at Starbucks: "Being the only guy there, I got all the dirty jobs. I had to get all the ice and the milk. I had to clean up. … I would come home smelling like coffee grinds and spilt milk. I didn't drink coffee for a couple of years after that."

On earning his Starbucks paycheck: "I know what regular people make. People work hard, very hard, for what they have. So when I have certain things, its always appreciated."

On his next challenge: "I don't want to walk into a meeting with a lawyer and hear him saying things I can’t comprehend. If I have the time and energy and drive to do law school, why not? It's another notch on my belt."
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