2/19: Armagnac Primer + Banned Movie Alert!

Plus the Dirty Projectors’ hotly-anticipated Lincoln Center show is here

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SIP: With the current craze for amber booze, it’s just a matter of time before Armagnac – the bourbon of France -- takes center stage. Be prepared with the Astor Center class “Armagnac: A Guide to France's First Brandy,” where 6th generation Cognac native Alain Royer will sketch the production and ageing process and offer up five different vintages from as early as 1974. 6:30PM.

ACUMEN: The Dirty Projectors play their ultra-buzzy show at Lincoln Center’s Allen Room as part of The American Songbook 2010 program, which this year has showcased torchbearers of American popular song like Marianne Faithfull, Chita Rivera, Nellie McKay and Suzanne Vega. We’re hoping David Byrne and ?uestlove show up unannounced again. 8:30PM

THERE WILL BE BLOOD: In 1979, four documentary filmmakers set into the jungles of South America to shoot a film about cannibalism. They never returned -- but oh, look, here’s some footage they shot. Long before “Blair Witch” made the horror mockumentary form a hot property, Ruggero Deodato’s “Cannibal Holocaust” managed to get itself banned pretty much everywhere. Even now, playing at the Sunshine at midnight, no-one under 18 is admitted. It’s that grisly. Needless to say, you should totally go. 12AM; also on Saturday.

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