1,000 Fans Apparently Line Up for Lauren Conrad's L.A. Candy

It was with cautious excitement that we strolled into the Tribeca Barnes & Noble last night to hear Lauren Conrad read from her new “novel,” L.A. Candy. While sort of pretending to browse the new fiction, we were told by a stressed Barnes & Noble staffer that there were “1,000” people in the store and some had camped out since 5 a.m. that morning. Guests were sorted by bracelets — of which there were three color-coded categories — and the line stretched through the bookstore. LC arrived, looking radiant as always, and we were informed that she would not take pictures, would not personalize any books (all you could get was a pretty Lauren Conrad signature), and — what do you know? — would not even read from her own roman à clef. She just signed. Using a bullhorn, an event staffer warned that there was a “gaggle of police” on hand to enforce the rules. But nobody seemed to mind too much: She showed up, everyone cheered. “She told me she liked my bookmark,” exclaimed one teary fan. “She was so nice.” So there you have it: There are apparently thousands of people interested in reading — or at least buying — L.A. Candy.

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