10/15: Melody Gardot, Kevin Bacon + Tina Fey

See 'em all tonight – uptown, downtown, or in your pyjamas


SMOOTH: It’s not quite fair to call what Melody Gardot performs jazz – she neither gets crazy-experimental with the genre, nor rips off any of the grande dames. Rather, listening to her is a bit like stepping into a neo-noir movie, all slinky horns and smoky vocals, and with a dash of Eva Cassidy-style folk edge. Not surprisingly, Larry Klein (the mega-producer behind Madeleine Peyroux) shaped Gardot’s recently released record “My One and Only Thrill”. Hear her for yourself at Hammerstein Ballroom at 8PM.

SIX DEGREES: The Bacon Brothers – that’s Michael, an Emmy-winning composer, and Kevin, the actor-producer – have been playing music all their lives but only officially formed a band in the mid-‘90s. When they’re plying their decidedly homespun brand of country-tinged folk-rock, it’s almost possible to forget you’re watching the dude from “Footloose.” Their fall tour brings them to B.B. King’s tonight at 8PM.

WE WANT TO GO TO THERE: Let’s be honest: What you’re probably really doing tonight, if you truly ♥ NY, is watching the season premiere of “30 Rock”. The ep promises plenty of topicality – Recession angst! Government bailouts! Staff perk cuts! – and we’d be pants-peeingly excited even if 1) the show wasn’t helmed by our own benevolent overlord, NBC, and 2) Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and the gang hadn’t just won, what, 42 Emmys? NBC, 9:30PM.

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