10/15: Bacon-Palooza, the Dark Side of Bob Saget…

…and it must be October: Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas screens at midnight

MEAT CUTE: Kicking off tonight is the three-day Bacon-Palooza--an “all singing, all dancing, all eating three-day multimedia extravaganza” to benefit children with autism—with tons of tastings and Bakon vodka cocktails, as the Sugar-Cured Singers provide the soundtrack to your clogged arteries, followed  by Bacon: The Movie. (Tomorrow, don’t miss Bacon: The Musical.) Soho Gallery of Digital Art, 6PM.

TRUE BLUE: Full House-Bob Saget has blissfully given way to Comedian-Bob Saget—the guy’s dark mind works very blue (you’ve seen The Aristocrats, right?), so we can’t wait for the December 1 premiere of A&E’s Strange Days With Bob Saget, a documentary that’ll follow him into some of America’s oddest subcultures (ghosthunters, poodle groomers, etc.) Meantime, he brings his standup to Montclair’s Wellmont Theatre tonight. Don’t miss it. 8PM

STOP MOTION: Just as the first strains of holiday music unfailingly, Pavlovianally have us itching to rewatch It’s a Wonderful Life, so pumpkins prompt us towards a viewing of the official movie of Halloween. Tim Burton’s gleefully macabre The Nightmare Before Christmas screens today and tomorrow at the Sunshine Cinema at (when else?) midnight. 12AM.

Plus: See tonight’s music scene picks on the new Nonstop Sound blog.

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