10/12: Vortex Haunted House, Down & Out Twofer, 100 Years of Poetry

THERE WILL BE BLOOD: Kicking off tonight is the Vortex Theater Haunted House, to whose ’09 October frightfest we suggested you cart a change of underwear. Specializing in the psychology (rather than the hokey visuals) of fear, this spectacular is no joke: You’ll need to sign a waiver, you’ll have to experience it alone, and as the organizers put it, “yes, you will be touched.” Through 10/31; 7-11PM nightly (lasts approximately 20 minutes). 

RISK A VERSE:  Even if your poetry expertise doesn’t extend far past “The once was a man from Nantucket,” come celebrate 100 Years of American Poetry at a Cooper Union bash (it marks the centennial anniversary of the first meeting of the Poetry Society of America in October, 1910) featuring no fewer than five U.S. poet laureates (including Billy Collins and Daniel Hoffman) and performances (Natalie Merchant will be on hand, performing from her new album). Plus, the event is free. 7PM. 

DOUBLE DOWN: Basset-eyed Michel Simon plays a homeless drifter taken under the wing of a high-society benefactor in Jean Renoir’s classic Boudu Saved From Drowning (1932). Whether the social satire works better in this original or in the irrepressibly eighties American remake Down and Out in Beverly Hills (Paul Mazursky, 1986), with Nick Nolte as the charity case, is for you to decide—and you can, because they’re on a double bill at FIAF at 7 and 9PM. 

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