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JFK 50: Remembering the Kennedy Assassination

JFK 50: Remembering the Kennedy Assassination

JFK 50: Remembering the Kennedy Assassination

Oswald Arrives at N. Beckley Rooming House



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    The house where Lee Harvey Oswald lived at the time of the Kennedy assassination is seen in this December 3, 1963 photograph, in Dallas, Texas.

    Lee Harvey Oswald arrived at his rooming house at 1026 N. Beckley Avenue at about 1 p.m.

    The housekeeper at the home, Earlene Roberts, saw Oswald arrive alone.  She would later testify that after Oswald arrived she saw a Dallas police car drive by the home slowly and that, after it stopped momentarily, the driver honked the horn a few times.

    Roberts told investigators that she didn't know the officers in the car. She said she knew some officers she once worked for, who did stop by on occasion, but that they drove car No. 170 and that this police car did not have that number.  She testified that the number on the car was No. 106, No. 107 or No. 207.

    According to the Warren Report, "investigation has not produced any evidence that there was a police vehicle in the area of 1026 North Beckley at about 1 p.m. on November 22. Squad car 207 was at the Texas School Book Depository Building, as was car 106. Squad cars 170 and 107 were sold in April 1963 and their numbers were not reassigned until February 1964."

    "Whatever may be the accuracy of Mrs. Roberts' recollection concerning the police car, it is apparent from Mrs. Roberts' further testimony that she did not see Oswald enter a car when he hurriedly left the house. She has stated that when she last saw Oswald, shortly after 1 p.m., he was standing at a bus stop in front of the house," according to the Warren Report.

    Source: Archives.gov - Oswald's Escape